Design, Technology, & Innovation Fellows

Changing up Local Government

The City of Austin’s Design, Technology, and Innovation Fellows program was launched in May 2016 to provide an opportunity for Austin’s passionate and civic-minded designers and developers to bring the principles, values, and practices of the technology sector into government.

After two years, 35 hires, and projects involving dozens of departments across the City, our Fellows program became a more permanent and sustainable part of the City of Austin as the new Office of Design & Delivery.

Our Goals


Work directly with departments to deliver the best possible services.

Our fellows work directly with city staff on teams that are empowered to learn, iterate, and deliver.


Introduce and refine practices for user-centered design.

We demonstrate and share how to bring research, prototyping, and testing into the delivery of all city services.


Introduce and refine practices for iterative, open-source development.

We demonstrate and share how to build modular, sustainable software that responds to changing needs.


Establish a creative culture that inspires more people to join the city.

We challenge ourselves to create an environment where we can do the best work of our careers.


Press and interviews about the program and projects

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