Design, Technology, & Innovation Fellows

As we review applications, we consider the following areas:

  • Analysis and creative problem solving: Expertise determining user needs or identifying market opportunities and designing and deploying innovative solutions
  • Tools and execution: Experience in iterative design, development, and deployment of solutions using current and emergent technologies and best practices
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence: Experience in client-facing roles, navigating processes and bureaucracy, and delivering services with a strong user-facing or consumer-oriented element
  • Ability to work well on teams: Experience collaborating with folks from other disciplines on a daily basis, appreciating differences in perspective while also providing deep expertise in their area of specialization. (We’re a large organization, so we want to see evidence that you can thrive in a large organization.)


Our interview process includes a combination of remote sessions over Google Hangouts and in-person sessions at City Hall. These include the following questions:

  • Tell us about yourself. What are your strengths? What drew you to apply to be a Fellow?
  • Tell us about your experience in lean, agile, and/or iterative methods for design, development, and deployment of solutions. How do you know when to use different approaches? What are the most common challenges you’ve experienced with these methods, and how have you responded to them?
  • Tell us about a time when you have helped a person, team, or organization move toward a more lean, agile, or iterative process, where there was not one before. What challenges did you encounter? How did you solve them?
  • Tell us about a time when you’ve helped make an approach or a solution sustainable.
  • Being a Fellow will involve bringing modern design and development methodologies to teams that may not have worked with them. How would you help gain adoption of these methods so that the solutions we create will be sustainable into the future?
  • Tell us about your experience working with clients. What type of relationship do you need to have with a client in order to be successful? How have you navigated challenging clients or difficult environments to produce quality and sustainable solutions?
  • Tell us how you prefer to work within teams. What do you bring to a team? What skills, strengths, or qualities do you need on a team to complement your own? What team environment works best for you? What would be your ideal project?